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What is Effective Communication skills ? | Types of communication skills and how to improve communication skills


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            Communication is the basic activity in human life. Without communication we cannot learn in a group or society. It has become very important in the present world.
‘The word  communication derived from the word Communicare which means to share'. Language is a means of communication and nothing more some people argue that one language of a community is superior to the language of other community. It is not so.
     The human beings express their emotions and ideas through a language which is basically is a sequency of sounds.

              Communication is defined as the transfer thought or idea from one person to another,  so that it can be understood acted upon. It may take place between two groups or two individual communication. It needs to be carried on with precision driven by the person for feedback to made someone to something to take some action or certain way communication is necessary.

01. Verbal communications
02. Non-Verbal communication

Verbal communication
              Verbal communication is always in the form of written. Each and every concept of conversation only person either for or hear is transfer (conved) in the form written in different aspect.
                                    Verbal communication as it's own criterias into different aspect.

There are different types of Verbal communication in form of different letters
01. Leave Letter
02. Purchase letter
03. Enquiry letter
04. Memo letter
05. Laboratory letter
06. Confidential letter
07. Inspection letter
08. News letter

01. Leave letter:  Leave letter is written when He/She wants to take leave from the working area from his/her superial officer. It can be mentioned clearly for what reason the leave is granted/ claimed. And get sanctioned by superial authorities.
02. Purchase letter:   Purchase letter will be written in a prescribed format to purchase any kind of material or item. The purchase letter can be requested or order.
03. Enquiry letter: Enquiry letter can be written when you want some information from any other source or person and enquiry letter also be written when you want some enquiry to written for of any item regarding the quality or when needed any kind of information of any work done by or progress of verb.

04. Memo report:  Memo  reports are the reports which and be written when you want  put reminder to any e of person working under the organisations.
05. Laboratory report: Laboratory reports are the reports which are generated when any of the medical test is conducted or the report generated from any of the The  laboratory in any organisation in detail.

06. Confidential reports:  Confidential reports are the reports which are taken from the  higher authorities in any organisations, in another ‘world confidential report  are called as CR’ . For every organisation a CR is maintain of a employee regarding his ability of work, working made time sense and dedication at his work.

07. Inspection report:  Inspection report is generated normally when his quality is inspected or a person in physical inspecting any of the person or spot. This report consist of the complete detail study of the quality or the work done by the person. 

08. Newspaper report:  Newspaper reports are the reports which are obtain when any of the incidents that as of already taken place this report always contains the real facts and figures of any incidents which as happen.

In Non-Verbal communication we do communicate using body language
01. Gestures
02. Postures
03. Facial expression
04. Appearance
05. Eye contact

01. Gestures:   Gestures are important sign of non-verbal communication gestures are very common in our life and they are the natural movements and hands. We need to carefully in using gestures a well timed gestures can communicate certain feeling and ideas.

02. Postures:  The body postures refers to the way one stands for sit . It plays a very important role in communication depending on the postures we can say weather he is interested in talking to you.
03. Facial expression: The face is the most prominent part in our body for sending symbols. It tells other what kind of person here. It reflect our personality of face expression many feeling and attitude by contacting and relaxing facial muscles.
For Example:
                     By smiling we show our happiness to others. A smile indicate friendliness and it's enhance (improve) good relation with others. This is the reason while sales agent and receptionist who are always in the company of many people have a smile on the faces.

04. Appearance:    Appearance is also an important factor in effective communication. The clothes and accessories we wear the way We KOME  or Hair etc. Create an impression on the listeners. The appearance make us success or failure of communication.

05. Eye contact: of Eye playing a important role in connection. It is generally understood. The eyes reveal once nature/ character. It confident an honest person as a director eye contact with other.


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